Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love the New Home

Thanks, everyone, for being patient as we move our old blog to it's new home. I like the new place! Eventually the old posts will be re-published here (just the good stuff) and soon after the old place will be a ghost town.

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Anne said...


I miss you guys. Maddie has grow so much and she such a doll! How could anyone resist that smile?! I remember when you first emailed with the news that she had Down's. It was such a shock. Did you ever think it would be such a blessing? God works in mysterious ways. Thanks for sharing! Take care, Anne

Shelli said...

Your new blog looks fantastic! I love the new header and all the pictures of Madison. You seem to perfectly capture her Maddie-ness!

Just us! said...

Hey Nikki, your blog looks great and Madison is adorable!!! I look forward to reading more and hearing about your progress in the shirt business too!

Michael Z said...

I got it!! Maddie is butiful. We love you all.