Monday, August 18, 2008


I went to pick up Madison at school the other day, and who did I see but another little girl with Down syndrome.

My heart melted into a shining, sparkly puddle; the liquid love infused my entire body with joy.

I went up to her, bent down, and said with a big smile- "Hello, sweetie!" And I was rewarded with THAT SMILE.

You know the one. The smile that lights up the world. Pure love, pure innocence. Pure something else...I haven't figured out just what that quality is yet. Perfection? Maybe.

And then I looked over at my Madison. Looked back at the girl. Looked at Madison. Looked at the girl. She was dark to my baby's light. Her hair was in a ponytail, like Maddie's. Her eyes were that lovely almond-shape, like my daughter's. She was petite, like you-know-who. She exhibited the same aura, the same cloud of mystical joy around her. Surely I am not the only one who notices?

My heart gives another jump as I realize that these two could be sisters, they look so similar to each other.

They must be angels in disguise.

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danyalynd said...

No one could doubt that these girls are such sweet, innocent spirits that our Heavenly Father didn't want them tainted by this temporal existance. That was a beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing that.

- Danya